Allumski Wear

18 Sep , 2017 Blog,Tech

Allumski Wear

Allumski Wear, our online clothing store, was the result of our love for all things t-shirts and the technology available today that allows you to get your business online quickly.

We are using one of the hottest technology companies today to power our online store: Shopify. In just a few short years, Shopify went from a small e-commerce start-up to the industry leader… and did we mention Shopify is Canadian? ❤️

The next step was to find a print-on-demand t-shirt fulfillment company. We again turned to an industry leader: Printful. Based in the US, Printful offers print on demand for t-shirts, hats, mugs and a whole bunch of other cool stuff (check out cool Printful stuff here).  Printful hooks into Shopify, so when an order comes in, Printful will print, package and send the t-shirt. How awesome is that? 😀

But the adventure is not stopping here… we are on the lookout for a great print-on-demand Canadian company to service our Canadians customers more easily. We love Printful, but when you ship across the border – even our great Canadian-American border – the customer may incur customs fees… which is never awesome.

Allumski Wear - Shopify & Printful

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